Elizabeth Bell

Melbourne, Australia.

Email: elizabeth@elizabethbell.com.au

Web: www.elizabethbell.com.au



Diploma Illustrative Photography RMIT 1979-80

BA Visual Arts, Sydney College of the Arts 1982 – 84. Majors in Photography and Print Making

MVA by research, Sydney College of the Arts, University of Sydney 1994 – 96. Photography, Performance, Sculpture and Installation

CELTA Cambridge Certificate in English Language, RMIT University 1998

CERTIFICATE IV Work Place Training and Assessment, Activate Learning Centre, Prahran 1999-2000

CERTIFICATE III Group Fitness Insturctor, Holmesglen TAFE 2001

YOGA SIROMANI International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre Neyyar Dam, India 2003


YOGA THERAPY  Svastha Yoga and Ayurveda, Ganesh Mohan, India/Melbourne/Auckland 2015 - 2018

Other certifications/professional training courses supplement my extensive hands-on experience: Senior First Aid, CPR, Anatomy, Exercise for Older Adults, Yoga Philosophy, &etc



As Elizabeth Campbell

Paris Biennale 1980 -In conjunction with Jill Orr, primary artist - photographs in performance.

Galerij Groen Huis: Photographs of My Absence 1981

As 'Eliza Campbell'

T-Towel d’Art 1986 - 2016  as 'Eliza Campbell' and working in collaboration with Judith Lodwick; together we were known as 'Lodwick©ampbell'. This collaboration was active from 1986 - 1991 and continues to be exhibited and collected today.

Alpha & Omega: the beginning and the endNicholson Museum April 2016–December 2017

Lady Cruthers Collection of Australian Women Art, Perth WA 2000/2016 (Collection)

Tin Sheds Retrospective, University of Sydney Gallery 2015

Look, Look Again, Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery, the University of WA 2012

National Gallery Canberra Collection 2000 (Collection)

Prints from Pre-Settlement to the Present DayNational Gallery Canberra 1999

The Vatican Collection 1994

Leipzig Museum of Oceanic Art 1994

Towers of Torture, Tin Sheds Gallery, Sydney University 1989

100% Pure Dirty Linen, aGOG Gallery (Australian Girls Own Gallery) Canberra 1989

Inside the GreenhouseTin Sheds Gallery, Sydney University 1988



Performance and Installation work

The Body Show, Art Gallery of New South Wales 1997 (Performance and installation) 

Permission to Look, The Performance Space, Sydney 1997 (Performance and installation)

Permission to Look, Art Gallery of New South Wales 1996 Graduate performance (Performance and installation)

‘Showing the Boxes’ Red Shed Adelaide Fringe 1996 (Performance and installation) 

Permission to Look, Art Gallery of South Australia 1995 (Performance and installation)

The Naked Lecturer’ weekly performance/installation from the pedestal at RMIT University, Department of Sculpture 1998 - 2001.



The Performance Space, Sydney for ‘Foucault à Go-Go'

Belvoir Street Theatre, Sydney Theatresports

1989 Australia Council Grant, to make ‘The Pioneer 1990’

ANAT, to purchase surveillance cameras and fund a tour to AGSA for performance ‘Permission To Look’

2015  Commissioned Mirror Drawings as garden installations for Sharyn and John Young, Helen Traubel, Robert Mills.

2016 Commissioned Mirror Drawings as garden installations for Sharyn and John Young, Eva Richardson, Helen Campbell.

2017 Commissioned Mirror Drawing pool installation for Sharyn and John Young.

2017 Garden Sanctuary with Mirror Drawings and waterfall for Deb Richardson 



2015 - current: Mirror Drawing Mosaics and small garden room design. Unique large scale mosaics set into garden meditation spaces.

2000 - current: Yoga Siromani. Providing tailored yoga for corporate and private clients. Clients include: GDJ, Powercor, Citipower, City of Melbourne, St Vincent's Hospital, Dance of Life Yoga, Almanis, Teamsquare.

2011 - currentOvarian Temple. Conceived and written by Elizabeth, Ovarian Temple is a meditation/visualisation/relaxation workshop for women of all ages. It offers another piece in the jigsaw of life - a pathway strengthen, enrich and connect to the inner landscape thus making experience of the outer world richer and more potent.   www.ovariantemple.com 

1998 – 2003

RMIT University, School of Sculpture, Melbourne, Australia.

Teaching tertiary students life drawing. This class was notable for its paradigm shift: all teaching was conducted from the position of the model and incorporated elements of performance and meditation as well as conventional drawing technique. This innovation - the naked teacher - developed out of and became an extension of Elizabeth's  Masters thesis. Again a  challenge to  the valency of the gaze and giving voice to the historically silent female 'nude'.

1991 - 1997: Student days

1986 - 1990: T-towel's dArt, Blue Mountains and Sydney

1980 - 1990: Documentary-Collaborative Photography with Jill Orr, Richard Boulez and David Tolley

0000 - 1980: Travel, Study and Play




Jill Orr: Bleeding Trees and 'Pain Melts'. 1979/80 photographed by Elizabeth Campbell


Richard Boulez, 'Holeproof Reject Pieta'. Rankins Lane Melbourne, 1979 Elizabeth Campbell 

Absent Nude I . Rijksakademie, Amsterdam. 1981

Absent Nude I. Rijksakademie, Amsterdam. 1981

Absent Nude II . Rijksakademie, Amsterdam. 1981

Absent Nude II. Rijksakademie, Amsterdam. 1981

Absent Nude III . Rijksakademie, Amsterdam. 1981

Absent Nude III. Rijksakademie, Amsterdam. 1981

Absent Nude IV  Rijksakademie, Amsterdam. 1981

Absent Nude IV Rijksakademie, Amsterdam. 1981

The Nude documents her absence.

The Nude documents her absence.

Blue (Absen)t Nude

Blue (Absen)t Nude

Red (Absent) Nude 1993

Red (Absent) Nude 1993

Yellow (Absent) Nude 1993

Yellow (Absent) Nude 1993

Who has ever hears The Nude speak?


Tea Towels d'Art


Come Back.jpg

There was a push to introduce food irradiation in the 80s and public sentiment was strongly against it. 

Food Irridation.jpg

For the Australia's Bicentenial: Older than the Hills. 

Older than the hills 1.jpg


'Having done her homework, Joan recognised this was a red herring.'

Red Herring.jpg

The Pioneer 1990

Triptych 1.jpg

The Pioneer 1990 - Panel 1

Triptych 2.jpg

The Pioneer 1990 - Panel 2

Triptych 3.jpg

The Pioneer 1990 - Panel 3

A link to Elizabeth Bell: Art, The Gaze and Ovarian Temple by Flow Artists. In essence, this interview is a conversational summary of my interests, my work, my philosophy.